1. Compatibility with LCD BACPAC 
The sensor of other Gimbal is at the back; user cannot use LCD BACPAC with other Gimbal. GY Gimbal is compatible with it. 

2. Working Range
The angle of rotation of GY gimbal is nearly 360 degrees; the angle of rotation of other gimbal is less than 180 degrees. The feature is very important; it allows user to fix the GY gimbal by different angle. When shooting extreme sports such as bicycle or motorbike, other gimbal is restricted by limited range. The grip of GY gimbal can be fixed upward, so camera can shoot from extreme low angle; the pictures are full with motion and energy. 

3. Self-Protection System
When the gimbal motor is very close to horizon limit, the controller is not able to decide the compensation direction. The issue is unsolved. other gimbal would act crazy, the motor cannot go back to original position immediately; the video is ruined. The GY gimbal would turn on Self-Protection to prevent overheating and fix the motor position. When shooting wide angle extreme sports like skydiving or skateboarding, Self-Protection is very important and useful. 

4. Torque
The author felt the difference of torque very obviously by the hand. The stronger torque is compatible with powerful activities. The author tried GY gimbals on motocross; it was well-fixed.  

5. Quality Control
The author thinks there are quality control problems with other gimbals. The screw thread of author’s other gimbal is not well processed; the power button and battery charger don’t work after few operations. The author’s GY gimbal is good so far. He hopes the GY gimbal would keep the nice quality.  
6. Boot Time
The boot time of Feiyu gimbal is 17 seconds. The boot time of GY gimbal is 5 seconds.

 7. More different details
GY gimbal includes two batteries; it needs two batteries for operation, which is 25G lighter. other gimbal includes four batteries; it needs three batteries for operation. For working time, the GY gimbal claims the working time is five hours. The author tried it for 1 hour, the operation is normal.
Roll and pitch angle are adjustable; which is more convenient and useful.
Battery Safe. If user forgets to turn off other gimbal, the battery would be over discharged. The power button of other gimbal
is unstable, so the battery is easily damaged. GY gimbal is designed with standby mode to save power and prevent over discharged.


Add Date Time Wednesday 16 July, 2014.