There is clone product (knockoff version) of STO ( Phantom Foldable Prop Holder. Here are the differences between the original STO products and the clones.
1. The quality of process and the appearance. The surface of STO’s product is delicate and smooth; the surface of clone is obviously rough.


2. Incorrect specifications. The specification of STO’s prop holder is 6mm, with 1mm Nylon washer in the package, which fits the 4mm STO foldable props perfectly. The specification of the clone is less than 5.5mm, doesn't fit the washers or the props.  

3. Incompatible screw. The screw of STO’s prop holder is with half thread, which would not damage the props. The length of the clone screw is too short.

4. Not-durable washer. The washer of STO’s prop holder is made of durable Nylon. The washer of the clone is made of plastic.


Add Date Time Wednesday 24 September, 2014.