Z1-Rider Multifunctional 3-axis stabilizing gimbal for GOPRO [Z1-Rider]  Z1-Rider Multifunctional 3-axis stabilizing gimbal for GOPRO [Z1-Rider] Buy Now

People might have some similar experiences like this: after shooting some important event with GOPRO or smart phones, found out these precious photos are blurry due to shaky hands and shaky camera. Although editing software can help to stabilize the image, but the quality is inevitably decreased. For professional photographer, it takes years of training to keep image being stabilized for perfect pictures.
Nowadays, electronic stabilizing system is progressed to a surprising level. Everyone can take perfect and delicate photo through a GOPRO camera and stabilizing gimbal.
A stabilizing gimbal is able to detect the attitude difference through electronic components. These electronic components have been widely applied to smart phones and motion sensing application; in a stabilizing gimbal, they work with brushless motors to compensate the camera movement and shock.
We had introduced INFINITY 2-axis GYGimbal Handheld Stabilizer for GOPRO, please refer to the article here. Also, we have an optimized version INFINITY GYGimbal 3D. Our latest product Z1-Rider is based on INFINITY GYGimbal 3D, but the biggest difference is that the handle and gimbal are separate; only connected with a cable.

The main features of Z1 series are the extreme strong torque and the fast motor speed. When the camera position is tilt, it goes back to original position sooner than other similar products on market. Please refer to the picture below:  

Z1 gimbals are much applicable with intense physical activities: running, car-racing, skating, even dirt bike riding. Let’s see the test videos:

Other videos provided by dealer
Zhiyun Z1- RIDER First test clip in Taiwan Taipei
One date edit. Use GoPro Hero 4 Black with Z1-RIDER
" Taipei " Use GoPro Hero 4 Black with Z1-RIDER

Many users had discovered the features. They assembled INFINITY GYGimbal on many different places, such as a car, a bike, or any vehicles. However, the handle of the handheld gimbal is difficult to be well-fixed. 
Z1-Rider is designed to solve the problem. We can see their biggest difference is the joint structure between gimbal and handle. 

The mount of Z1-Rider is the same size as Gopro waterproof case. Thus it is completely applicable with most Gopro accessories on market. User can assemble Z1-Rider on anywhere, anyplace as possible. (Please note: Z1-Rider is not waterproof.)

The last but not least, if you assemble Z1-Rider with a Gopro camera grip or extended pole, it would become a handheld gimbal. There are infinite flexibilities and possibilities! 


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