STO Off-load Hook for DJI PHANTOM&PHANTOM2 [40821346]  STO Off-load Hook for DJI PHANTOM&PHANTOM2 [40821346]  US$70.00  Buy Now

The assembly demonstration is specific for STO Off-load Hook [40821346].

1. This is an assembly demonstration of STO Off-load Hook on DJI PHANTOM. The assembly for DJI PHANTOM 2 is pretty much the same.

2. Assemble the product [40821346] under PHANTOM and fasten the screws.

3. We used a Servo Extension [AM-2001-7] for better replacement in the future.

Servo Extension Wire 30cm FU 22AWG [AM-2001-7]  Servo Extension Wire 30cm FU 22AWG [AM-2001-7]  US$1.25  Buy Now

4. Drill a hole on the side of fuselage to connect the wires. You can also drill a smaller hole, and insert the extension leading through it. Only need to disassemble the black connector first, and then assemble the black connector back later.    

1. We modified the connector for an easier connection to the controller board.

2. Connect the white wire (signal) to the 1 pin channel of control F2. We’ll use the gimbal pitch to adjust the servo movement.

3. Connect the red wire (+5V) and the black wire (-) to the up pin and middle pin of X1 ports for providing 5V power of the servo. (You can skip the step if you will connect another BEC for the servo.) 

The picture above is the demonstration of connecting red wire (+5V) and black wire (-) to X1 ports.

Please notice the polarities!

The picture above is the demonstration of connecting the white wire to F2 ports. Please notice the direction. The devise will not work if the wires are connected in a wrong way. 

After hardware assembly, please adjust the Gimbal parameters of Phantom controller software as picture above.

Now you can control the STO Off-load Hook from Phantom radio transmitter!


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