Brushless Gimbal-Medium V2 + Handheld Grip
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Product Description:
  • The gimbal is designed for MILC or DSLR-Like Camera (weight around 300g-900g). With high compatibility,  be hand-holdable or aerial photography.
  • Easy upgrade to 3-Axis stabilizer.  (How to upgrade, please reference the article)
  • *99% assembled (only the handheld grip is not install): adjust the camera to G.C. position, install the battery, and it’s ready to be used.  
  • Ver.2 medium size brushless gimbal,, 7075 aluminum alloy, CNC processed, bearing strength of gimbal increased.
  • Second bearing mount added on motor output position, which can not only prevent gap and vibrate, but also increase use life of motors.    
  • High compatibility: due to low torque of the brushless gimbal, it’s demanding to G.C accuracy. ( related article : If the G.C located wrong, the camera will not work properly. This gimbal can adjust camera position, thus it suits each kind of cameras and lens.   
  • IMU sensor angle adjustable: In many conditions, users hope the camera tilt up or down after camera start working. This IMU angle of the gimbal can be adjusted, which is easier to use.     
  • The handheld grip allows users to use the product for ground photography. If you need to use it for handheld, only need to assemble it on handheld grip, and you will get one electric handheld stabilizer.
  • The product can be used with single hand or double hands. Decrease the burden, easy to move. Help you finish every photography job.  
  • The enclosed controller is built as open source project :, the appearance could be difference due to different manufacture, but the function is same. 
First using:
It’s the easiest to use with. The product is 99% assembled, can be used handheld and aerial photography. The gimbal controller is ready. The default PID parameter is for 600g cameras. Install the camera on G.C. position carefully, power on, and it’s ready.   
1. After power on, the gyro will starting, please don’t touch it before the blue LED light up on controller board. It’s ready after blue LED light up. (The controller board is in the protection box, user can look at LED light from side.)
2. Built-in firmware is 049 ver. ( ) The version has corrected 048 errors, and it’s more sensitive about payload G.C. and weight. Users have to make sure camera will be stable on horizontal position.    
3. We default PID parameter to 600g cameras. We also have parameter to 350g and 900g cameras, click here to download.
  • Brushless Gimbal Controller x1, Handheld Grip [20410052] x1, Brushless Gimbal-Medium V2 [10510052] x1
  • 7075 aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, glass fiber
  • Weight: 550g (gimbal withoud Handheld Grip, camera and battery)
  • Handheld Grip: 310g.
  • 3'rd Axis Motor upgrade KIT (OPTINO ONLY): 130g 
  • This product is 99% assembled, we have done preliminary test and power on each set and make sure they can work.
  • The software parameter is default without adjustment.
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