STO 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal for DSLR (w/o controller)
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  • STO 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal for DSLR (w/o controller) and Storage Racks are partially assembled by the manufacturer; please refer to the package content.
  • The 3-axis brushless motors are pre-assembled on the correct positions. User just needs to assemble the frame structure according to the instruction.
  • The gimbal is applicable to DSLR cameras lighter than 2 KGs. The control box includes voltage adjustable regulator (INPUT 2~6S / OUT 11.1V), power switch, and voltage tester.
  • With built-in power module, applicable to 3-6S LiPo battery. The output voltage is adjustable.
  • 3-axis brushless gimbal controller board is not included. But the product is applicable to most brushless gimbal controller on market.
  • User will need the experience and ability to assemble and adjust 3-axis gimbal. If you don’t have relative experiences, we don’t suggest you to purchase this product.    
  • Weight: 2200g (3-axis gimbal: 1800g, storage racks: 400g)
  • Motor specifications: 5206/130T x2 + 9014/130T x1
  • Product Sizes: please refer to the picture
Instruction Manual

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