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Product Description:

  • If you would like to use the gimbal with DJI Phantom and your Tarot gimbal is the new version, please purchaseTL68A13 instead.
  • The delivery batch Tarot 2 Axis Brushless Gimbal (TL68A00 and TL68A08) since November 22nd seems already the version with new Anti-Vibration set but we can't be sure without open the seal to check. If you are going to purchase the Tarot gimbal from us as well, and want to make sure it is the new version, please put a note in the comments field and we will help to double check the (TL68A00 and TL68A08) before sending it out. 
  • Feiyu Tech 2-Axis Gimbal G3 also chang the layout of base mount after 18/12/2013. The new type mounting base can direct mount on DJI phantom without adaptor but you still can use this adapter wiht G3. (using aluminum tube 3x5.5x5 and m3x10 screws). Please see pics below. This adaptor can help you to mount other accessies such like AV Tx, battery pack...etc.
  • Glass fiber plate+ aluminum alloy
  • Weight: 26g
1 x 'DJI PHANTOM 塔羅雲台轉接板'
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產品上架時間 2014 二月 21 週五.