STO X-AIR (X4 / X8) FPV Powerful Kit
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  • STO X-AIR is designed for better quality and experiences. With strengthen 30mm booms (thickness 1.2mm) and MIT pure carbon fiber (2/2.5mm), the structure is stable enough for loading a gown man (87KG). There are many large FPV drones and helicopters on market. However, the common problem is the weakness of structure, especially the hinge between power arm and central frame - the structure would be unstable due to design defects or low quality materials. Furthermore, the flight controller would be strongly affected and cause unstable flight at worst. 
  • Compared to other similar products, STO aluminum alloy hinges are much firmer and well-made. There is no gap between closed hinges. STO produces 30mm hinges especially for STO X-AIR.
  • The gimbal assembly location is compatible with DJIZ15. 
  • The fixed landing gear is included in X-AIR (X4 / X8) FPV Powerful Kit. X-AIR is compatible with STO Retractable Landing Gear for Large Multi-Copter[90021334] (optional)
  • The standard X-AIR Kit is quad-copter. With optional accessories, X-AIR can be upgraded to an X8 copter.  
Test result:
  • Setting: X4, shaft diameter 88cm
  • Motor: TAROT 5008/340KV motors.
  • Propeller: 20x55 carbon fiber props
  • Flight controller: DJI WK-M 
  • Weight (w/o battery): 3.37kg
Payload & flight time
  • With 1x 5000mAh/22.2v:760g battery + [FY-G3] gimbal + 5.8G/400mw 370g TX: flight time 15mins
  • With 2x 5000mAh/22.2v:760g battery + [FY-G3] gimbal + 5.8G/400mw 370g TX: flight time 28mins
  • With 2x5000mAh 22.2v 760g battery + extra payload 2Kg, flight time 12~13mins
  • With 2x5000mAh 22.2v 760g battery + extra payload 3.35Kg, flight time 7mins
Maximum payload: 
  • with Battery+ extra payload, 6Kg, 85% throttle take off.
Instruction Manual

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