STO 780MGS Continuous Rotation Servo
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Product Description
  • STO 780MGS Continuous Rotation Servo is applicable to photography rotation, lens zooming, 3-axis control, or other DIY modification.
  • The servo is not locked when it doesn’t receive any rotation signal.This can prevent accidental operation caused by mechanical dislocation.Please note the servo is not applicable to equipment with strong reaction force.
*For experienced users with DIY modification skills only.  
Particular Specification
  • Electrical Specification (Function Of The Performance)
  • Torque At 4.8V:3.5 kg-cm / 49 oz-in
  • Torque At 6.0V:4.4 kg-cm / 61 oz-in
  • Speed at 4.8V:0.25 sec/60° at no load
  • Speed at 6.0V:0.22 sec/60° at no load
Apply Environmental Condition
  • Operating Voltage Range:4.8V to 6.0V
Control Specification
  • Dead Bend Width:4us
Mechanical Specification
  • Ball Bearing:No
  • Metal Gears:No
  • Horn / Gear Spline:25 Teeth (Same as Futaba)
Outline Drawing
  • Weight (gram):42 g / 1.48 oz
  • Size (mm):40.5 x 20 x 38.5 mm / 1.60 x 0.78 x 1.54 in

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