360-Degree Panorama GoPro Camera Mount
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Product Description:
  • The GoPro Panorama Mount can accommodate up to 6 GoPro for taking video/picture simultaneously for 360-degree panorama application.
  • It is solid, easy to install, and incorporate damping mechanism such as damping pivot and wire rope isolator to minimize vibration for best shooting outcome. The extension arm can keep cameras away from the vehicle body for clear shooting angle.
  • Material : 6061 T6 Aluminum Alloy and Fiberglass
  • Weight : 485 grams
  • Please be reminded the picture radio need to be 4:3 for building panorama. Please double check your GoPro setting in advance.
Note (Limited warranty and disclaimer) :
  • This product is provided as need in a very specific situation. We don't encourage people to do hand catch of a running drone. Please handle this with care as you're putting your hands right next to 4 sharp blades spinning at a speed of very high rpm. You are at your own risk of doing the hand catch and we can't be of any liability to you in the event of personal injury resulting from doing hand catch.

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