Servo Release Hook Mounting Kit for DJI M600/S1000/S900
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Product Description:
  • Note : Thekit does NOT come with RC off-load hook. You will need to purchase the RC Off-load Hook (with servo) [10690015] separately.
  • This product is designed for people who want to use RC Off-load Hook (with servo) [10690015] in DJI M600/S1000/S900 multi-copter. You will need to acquire and install the RC off-load hook in the mounting kit first. Then secure the mounting kit on the H mounting rods under the multicopter. For better C.G. positioning, try to fix the kit near the center below the body as long as it won’t interfere with the landing gear.
  • Regarding the off-load hook servo control, you may need a separate radio set for the hook control. Or, you want to use DJI original remote controller (Lightbridge 2) to control the hook, you need to unplug the servo cable of retractable module (both left and right) from the control board, and plug the servo cable from the hook kit into either R or L when you see fit. Then you can control the hook using the Landing Gear Control Switch of the remote controller. Just you can't control the landing gear the same time in this approach.
  • Material : 2mm CF plate
  • Weight : 83g

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