STO Moth 110-P60 racing drone CF frame kit
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Product Description:

  • STO Moth 110-P60 kit is a micro racing drone kit which comes with the 1.2mm CF frames and Alu posts. The light-weight box-structured frame set is solid and durable which provides outstanding protection to propellers.
    It is suitable for 2” propeller and the main frame supports flight-control mounting for both 16mm x 16mm and 20mm x 20mm.


  • Material: Carbon Fiber frame with Alu posts 
  • Dimensions – 110 mm (diagonal hub-to-hub)
  • Height (Length of post) – 22 mm
  • Weight of frame (with posts and screws) – 31 g

Equipment recommended : (Not included)

  • Motor – 1104 to 1106 BL motor
  • Propeller – length 2 3/8”
  • Speed controller – 30a (4 in 1 ESC)
  • Battery – 3S / 350mah to 400mah

Note: Recommended equipment are not included

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